Jun 5, 2018

Google Forms Quizzes: Better Than Ever

If you thought the quiz feature built into Google Forms was cool, it just got better!  There are several new abilities that teachers can utilize to enhance their use of Google Forms Quizzes.

Over the past two years, Forms has undergone several improvements all based on the feedback from users like you.  Please continue to provide your comments and suggestions as it continually benefits all.  Here are the six new features that Google is rolling out to its users:

  1. Quiz answer suggestions
  2. Autocomplete answers
  3. Automatically grade checkbox and multiple choice grid questions
  4. Give decimal grades
  5. Improve understanding with YouTube video feedback
  6. See the total number of points in a quiz

If you have never created a quiz in Forms, start a new form and head over to the Settings menu and then the Quizzes tab to activate the feature.  You will be pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it is to build a quiz, but the meaningful data you receive once the students have completed your quiz.

For more information on each of the new features, check out the Google blog at: https://blog.google/topics/education/6-ways-quizzes-google-forms-are-getting-smarter/.

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