Jan 11, 2017

Google Classroom Updates - January 2017

Google recently released a few feature updates to Classroom based on user feedback.  The most meaningful is the ability for teachers to truly differentiate their assignments by selecting individual students to receive a posted assignment.  Teachers will also now receive two new notifications, one when a student submits work after the due date, and another for when students re-submit work.

For Apps Admins, Google has now included Classroom data within the console activity reports.  Metrics are available to see just how much Classroom is being used across your district.

The final release falls under the app's API development, which allows third-party software vendors to integrate their software more closely with Classroom.  Hopefully, Classroom integration becomes more readily available across all grade book software.  I've seen several that currently incorporate the Classroom API and know that all teachers could benefit from that type of integration.

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