Dec 19, 2016

Google Classroom Guardian Email Summary

Many have asked for a sample of the Guardian Email Summary that Google Classroom now produces to which parents can subscribe.  Here is a sample of what that weekly email summary looks like to the parents.

Please remember that parents must be invited by entering their email address next to the student's name on the Students page in Classroom.  Take note that Google now affords the opportunity for non-Gmail users to receive these summaries.  Once the parent accepts the invitation, they will begin receiving their weekly email summaries for all classes for which the teacher has enabled Guardian Email Summaries (also located on the Students page in Classroom).

As you can see toward the bottom of the email summary, parents will have the option to adjust a few settings and unsubscribe completely from the email.  Under the settings menu that parents are directed to, they can adjust the frequency of the email from weekly to daily or no summaries and can also adjust their time zone.

For more help with Guardian Email Summaries, please see this Google Classroom help page.

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