Mar 30, 2016


Listenwise is a fabulous classroom resource full of authentic audio stories for the Social Studies, Science, and ELA content areas.  The site also contains current events stories that are not only timely and relevant to our culture, but also identifiable for our students.

Each story is supported first by authentic audio and then with listening comprehension questions, graphic organizers, discussion themes and even Socrative short answer quizzes.  In addition to the searchable content, users also gain access to current events audio stories with all the same benefits and features.

There are two account levels, free and premium, each of which allows for Google Single Sign-On (SSO).  Google SSO allows all the Google Apps for Education users to forgo creating/maintaining individual accounts for each user and instead uses their Google Apps account that is already established.

Premium service is a whole school solution that provides additional features on top of the previously mentioned such as standards-aligned lesson plans, coordinated student accounts with online assignment submission, support for ELL students, additional teacher resources, and assignments that you can differentiate and customize.

This resource is designed for both students and teachers and can potentially augment your classroom instruction in a very positive and interactive way.  Whether you use Listenwise as a whole class, individual, or blended learning activity, it can enhance your curriculum and truly provide you with a comprehensive classroom resource.  Sign-up for a free account today and give it a try.  I challenge you to use at least one of the activities...and guarantee you'll go back for more.

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