Feb 17, 2016

Google Forms: Latest Release

If you are one who is using the new Google Forms, then a few new features were recently released that I'm certain you will love.
  1. Templates have been added requiring the user to no longer start from scratch. There are twenty different templates so far sorted by categories. 
  2. Add-ons have also finally been released to Forms. These popular third-party enhancements that have up until now only been available in Docs, Sheets and Slides are now available to Forms users.
  3. Tracking survey progress and analyzing results in real-time just got a whole lot easier now that users can not only see who has completed the Form, but also track a participant's progress on the Form. Users have the ability to see a summary of all responses or an individual's responses.
  4. Similar to a user's abilities to receive notifications from the response Sheet, users can now configure notifications and status updates directly from the Form.
If you haven't given the New Google Forms a try...these new functionalities might just convince you to do so.

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