Dec 15, 2015

Hosting Facts: Find the One That Works for You

From the creator of Start Blogging Online comes a new site called Hosting Facts.  This new site aims at educating bloggers about the statistics behind domain hosting so they can make an informed selection.  The site identifies its review process in six clear steps and even affords the public the opportunity to earn $10 for submitting their own review of a web hosting service.

Each review is based upon four scores: price, page load speed, support quality and uptime %.  An overall score is tabulated and displayed so discerning viewers can easily see how the particular host matches up to the competition.  Each rating also has a link to a full review where you can get all the nitty gritty details.  If you're in search of a host and have certain priorities, then use their keyword filter.

Overall, the site is a very simple yet effective approach to reviewing the multitude of hosting domains that are prevalent.  Hosting Facts puts the power of knowledge in your hands when making a decision about web hosting.  Be sure to chek it out!

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