Sep 22, 2015

OER Commons - Blended Learning Resources

Blended Learning enthusiasts need to check out this phenomenal resource called OER Commons.  Whether you are looking for digital resources to augment an already developed lesson plan or to just don't feel like re-inventing the wheel, this site curates thousands of lesson plans and resources for teachers.  Right from the home page you can begin your search by entering a query and even filter your results by subject, grade level and standard.

Most end-users will visit the site to glean ideas and resources, but some will find it even more useful to register as a user.  Registered users can collaborate, create groups and collections, and even discuss resources with others.  If you are looking to give back, OER Commons will even allow you to contribute to the commons by authoring your own content.

Check out one of their helpful tutorials on their home page today and start benefitting from the commons.

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