Jun 30, 2015

Start Blogging Online

Blogging can be a fun and easy way to create an online presence.  Whether you have a skill or talent to share or would like to help guide others with your knowledge and background, blogging might just be the easiest way to be seen and heard.

For those of you who think it is too difficult to get started with blogging, think again!  Start Blogging Online has created a very direct, easy to understand resource blog for those interested in starting their own.  Mike Wallagher (@StartBlog101) has developed a blog that has literally helped to launch more than 8500 blogs.

Start Blogging Online takes a very simple and straightforward approach to guiding individuals on the process involved in setting up and maintaining a blog.  This resource highlights the key elements of blogging without overloading you with the litany of services and features that are out there.  I think many of you will appreciate the advice of an experienced blogger who will steer you in the direction of recommended platforms as well as the process of and recommendations for acquiring your own domain and hosting service.

In addition to the "extras" available on this resource blog, you can also sign-up to receive their free email series that will allow you to continually grow your blog and online presence.

Pick a topic of interest or an area of expertise and Start Blogging Online today!

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