Apr 21, 2015

Lock Chromebook Users to Single URL: Universal Kiosk #techsavvyteacher

As I share the wonder of Google Forms with more and more teachers I find them almost always asking about assessment security and preventing students from "Googling" their answers.  My response is almost always the same: teachers need to craft their questions in such a way that students really wouldn't benefit from looking-up the answers.  I understand this makes the time it takes to correct assessments exponentially greater, but it may be necessary.

Thanks to Herman Bergwerf educators now have a way to lock Chromebook users to a single URL similar to the way we lock Chromebook users to the SBAC secure testing browser.  The Universal Kiosk Chrome Web Store App allows teachers to lock students to a Google Form using the Google URL Shortener service, thus preventing them from "Googling" the answers to questions during an assessment.

To set this up and make the Web App available for use in your classroom there will need to be some coordination with your Google Apps Administrator.  This site can help with the setup/configuration process.

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