Apr 2, 2015

How Administrators Can Use Google Drive/Google Apps

There are several ways in which school administrators can use Google Drive/Google Apps and if they do so, may just encourage more of their staff to do the same.  Here is a listing of a few that came to mind, but your creativity is the limit when it comes to what you can accomplish.

  1. Create Virtual Staff Meetings - Real-time collaboration, one of the core elements to Google Drive, can allow for a document to be shared with your staff and provide an environment for posting pertinent information without having to be in the same physical space.  Questions can be posed and answered by both administrators and staff in a true collaborative environment.  No longer would the staff meeting be interrupted with people coming and going or go entirely missed by those who have other obligations.  The virtual staff meeting would actually take place over a longer period of time, at the convenience of all stakeholders, and would actually ensure 100% participation (require each staff member to post a comment as proof of participation).
  2. Collect Student Registration Information/Course Requests and Other Useful Data - Google Forms is a powerful tool that can be utilized to collect a myriad of information pertaining to students, staff, school operations, etc.  Use it wisely and you can streamline your data collection process and increase your ability for reporting.  Student registration information and course scheduling information are just two examples of some of the data that can be collected.  Administrators can also create Forms to collect RTI data from case managers/teachers.
  3. Create School Bulletins - Administrators can actually take two paths with this one...a bulletin for staff and a bulletin for parents.  Both can contain similar elements, but the parent one would only contain the public facing topics.  These Docs are easily maintained in one location and made available to interested parties either via the school website or a staff portal or shared directly via Drive.
  4. Maintain Staff/School Calendars - Google Calendar is an easy to use calendar program that allows for sharing with specific individuals or with the public.  This would be an easy way to maintain the dissemination of events to both staff and parents.  Shared resource calendars can also be created for learning spaces in the school and/or carts of computers or other resources.  No longer would staff have to travel to one particular site in the school sign-out certain resources...it can all be done from their classroom all while knowing what resources are available and which ones are not.
  5. Create Shared Presentations - Slides will afford administrators the ability to easily create presentations for meetings.  Whether its a Board of Ed meeting or a presentation to students/staff, Slides will give you the ease to insert video, images, and content pertinent to your intended topic.
Again, the utilization of Google Drive/Google Apps is only hindered by your imagination.  There are numerous uses for the multitude of tools embedded within the service.  Start small, get creative and change the way you previously facilitated a function of your role.


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