Jan 14, 2015

Google Classroom Launches Mobile Apps and New Features for Teachers

Google recently dropped a huge announcement for its Google Classroom service. There are now official Android and iOS mobile apps that allow students to add photos directly to assignments using their mobile device. This is a great option for documenting evidence of task completion or results of an experiment. Students will also now have the ease to attach other items, such as images, PDFs, and web pages, to their assignments with the mobile version of this Google App. Offline caching is also a feature in the mobile versions allowing for the synchronizing of streams and assignments. This gives students access to that info. even if their device is not connected to a network.

Students aren't the only ones to benefit from recent improvements...Teachers now have access to an assignments page for better visualizing their workflow across all classes.  Teachers are also getting the ability to archive classes that have ended to reduce the clutter that can quickly build on their home page as the years go on and the classes turn over.  An archived class will be removed from the home page and will make it read-only to teacher and students.
Check out the full Google for Education blog post here.