Dec 9, 2014

Flubaroo Receives a Few New Enhancments

 Flubaroo's latest release hinges primarily upon the students having an active email account, but the features are truly welcome. In the latest release, Flubaroo now allows a teacher to do the following:
  • Adjust the "70%" pass score. 
  • Check on your remaining email quota for the day. 
  • Disable "noreply@" as the return address of sent emails. 
  • Flubaroo also now includes the student's grade as a percent in the email sent to them, in addition to their raw points. 
The biggest feature enhancement of this release is the ability for students to automatically receive their grade via email almost instantly after they submit their answer selections with the new "Autograde" functionality. Within a minute of their submission students will know the outcome. You no longer have to manually score the assessment once all student are complete.

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