Mar 12, 2014

Protect Your Google Drive Files

file protection

UPDATED: Sorry for the confusion...the original post has been updated with correct info regarding this matter.

Unfortunately, I recently witnessed the first major instance of file tampering in Google Drive on the part of a student.  A folder containing numerous files shared with students were maliciously moved from a teacher's shared folder and subsequently lost for everyone including the teacher.  Fortunately, the teacher still has the original files, but now needs to re-upload them all from various different local folders...quite time-consuming.  To protect yourself from this plausible risk, backup any folders that you share with students and be certain to set your share settings to View access.  

Here's how backup works:

  1. Create a folder on your local computer to be the repository for the zip file that will become your backup.

  2. Select the folder you would like to backup by checking the box to the left of the folder title in "My Drive."

  3. Right-click on the folder and select "Download."

  4. Click on "MS Office" next to "Change all formats to:"

  5. Click "Download."

  6. Select the folder you created in step 1 and complete the download to that location.

The resulting backup will be a zip file containing the MS Office version of all your files that could easily be re-uploaded/converted to Google Docs format if necessary.

Just to clarify...students are NOT able to delete/move files in a folder shared with "View" access.

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