Feb 28, 2014

"Aw, Snap!"


Recognize this message?  More and more students and some faculty have been seeing this message while surfing the web in the Chrome web browser.  It is typically seen while working in Google Drive, but not exclusively.  The early lead on the cause was due to the user installing numerous additional fonts in their Google Docs account.  An additional discovery is that it may also be related to third-party extensions that may have been installed and that are not working correctly.  While the fonts and extensions are not completely harmful and do serve a purpose, we have found the following to be useful if you or a student is experiencing this issue.

If you receive this error message while working in Google Drive, remove some of the additional fonts you may have installed in Docs.  Additional support here.

If you receive this error message while generally surfing the Internet, take a look at your installed extensions and disable them one-by-one to see if one is causing the problem.  Additional support here.

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