Feb 5, 2014

Google Sites Integrations


Google Sites not only offers an easy-to-use interface for publishing content to the web quickly, but also offers a host of integrations with other Google Apps services. You can easily embed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you've created in Google Drive by using the insert function. The feature I really like is the ability to embed a video. Now that Drive allows you to store and play several video formats such as mp4 and wmv, you can easily upload your video to Drive and embed it on your site for others to view.

To use videos from YouTube, here are a few steps to follow:
- Navigate to the desired video on YouTube and copy the URL to a web service such as KeepVid.com to download the video (use the mp4 format)
- Upload the video to your Drive account and set the share settings to "Anyone with the link can view"
- Edit the page on your site, place the cursor where you would like to embed the video, and choose the insert function
- Select the video from your Drive account, set a few parameters and voila!

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