Jan 27, 2014

Teacher Showcase: Using Google Forms as Flashcards

Ms. Esposti, Band teacher at Dodd Middle School, is using Google Forms in a very unique way.  She has created a form that acts as flashcards for her students as they prepare for a quiz.  As you'll be able to see from the form, she presents images of notes to the students and asks them to identify them.  In the answer drop-down she presents the correct answer in all caps on the first line and then requires the student to select either "I got it!" or "I need to study this one!" from the other two lines.  Not only is this a way for Ms. Esposti's students to prepare for a quiz, but it also provides formative assessment data to her because it is logging the student's username and feedback each time they use the flashcards.  This is a very out-of-the-box way of thinking with regard to Google Forms, but goes to show how versatile this often-overlooked software is within the Google Apps suite of software.

See her flashcards here.


  1. I just started using these flashcards in the past few days with my students. Overall, they seem to like them and feel it is a great way to practice their terminology and symbol recognition. It beats carrying around a set of flashcards. They are required to submit each of the flashcard exercises at least once, but are encouraged to continue to submit them until they have "I got it!" selected on all questions. It is interesting to see how often they have accessed the form and how many times they have "studied." I suspect it will be a good predictor of their performance on upcoming quizzes.

  2. I recently designed quizzes in Google Form based on the information in these Flashcards. I linked them to my website...and then selected "not accepting responses." This way I can leave them linked to the website, but only allow students to access them during my class. It only takes a second to do it, and I do it while they are logging onto my website. I turn them off again as soon as the last student submits his or her quiz. By adding the Flubaroo script, I corrected about 75 quizzes in 3 minutes! I can use these quizzes every year...without one piece of paper passing through my hands.