Jan 30, 2014

Google Contacts


For the vast majority of you using the Google Apps suite of software you may not know about a somewhat hidden tool called Google Contacts.  Please don't confuse this with the recently released Google-created prototype of a contact lens that can make glucose monitoring for diabetic patients easier.  Google contacts, rather, provides users with an address book in which they can store info. on the people they contact most.  Like other address book software, this service also allows the user to create contact groups or distribution lists as you may call them.  The really unique feature of Google Contacts is that the contacts you store individually or in groups are available throughout the rest of the Google Apps suite.  This makes sharing files/folders from within Drive and sending group messages in Gmail much easier as you can simply start typing the name of the contact or contact group and Google will automatically pull it in from your contacts.  Give it a try today...www.google.com/contacts.

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