Oct 6, 2013



With the advent of Google Drive and my full adoption of the service, I realized that Google currently does not have a replacement for Microsoft Publisher.  Although Google Docs allows you to insert images and control many other aspects of the document, it is quite difficult to create professional-looking flyers, menus, etc.

I recently used this web-based app, which is available through full integration with Google Drive, to create a unique document that would have been nearly impossible in Docs.  Lucidpress truly is a web-based alternative to Microsoft Publisher.  Because it integrates with Google Drive, all of your work will synchronize seamlessly with your Drive account.  No longer do you or your students need Publisher to create professional print/digital documents.  Give it a try today...in Drive go to Create and then Connect more apps.  Once installed, you can connect to Lucidpress via the Create function in Drive.

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