Oct 18, 2013

Google Forms/SEED/CCSS

Teachers are undoubtedly feeling anxious about the new SEED evaluation system, the implementation of the CCSS and the administration of new standardized testing.  Agreeably, the anxiety stems from adding even more demands to the currently high level required of teachers.  This compounding effect is what is driving much of the frustration surrounding the new initiatives.

That being said, when I meet a challenge I typically look to technology to help make my life easier or more efficient with the tasks that I need to complete.  I recently provided PD on Google Forms and as I was preparing for and delivering the session I was constantly thinking about ways in which I could utilize this technology to help with not only the demands of CCSS, but also SEED.  Although Forms is relatively easy to use, there are quite a few new features that would allow some teachers to venture into some really advanced uses as well.  Below are just a few ways in which Google Forms could be put to use by teachers to reduce the amount of time they spend on following through on these two new initiatives.

  1. Create an entrance ticket that quickly assesses students in the first few minutes of class and use that data to drive instruction for the rest of the class period.

  2. Create an exit ticket that quickly assesses students before they leave your classroom and use that data to drive instruction for the next day.

  3. Create a pre-assessment that can be utilized as a baseline measure for your Student Learning Objective (SLO).

  4. Create a post-assessment that can used as an Indicator of Academic Growth and Development (IAGD)

  5. Create a log that allows you to easily enter, on an on-going basis, data about parent conferences, evidence of communication with parents or staff, evidence of professional development, etc. and have it ready when needed as artifacts for your overall evaluation.