Sep 19, 2013

CPS BYOD Resource Center Site

BYOD resource site

A great question was asked recently at an open house by a parent about what device(s) the district would recommend for the CPS BYOD environment.  The district does have an answer to that question and it can be found on the CPS BYOD Resource Center Site (also found on the staff portal as the Digital Citizenship link) that was created last year as a resource to students and parents.  If you direct the parents to the Frequently Asked Questions page, they will find the answer under the Devices section.

Not only is this site a great resource for students and parents on our BYOD initiative, but also provides age-appropriate resources on digital citizenship.  As a teacher in the CPS system you may also find this site to be very useful to you as the BYOD initiative is becoming more pervasive throughout the district.

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