Sep 24, 2013

Celly for Coaches


I've posted about Celly before, but it was the recent request of a Dodd coach to help setup a Celly for her team that convinced me to re-post on this topic.

Celly is a text messaging service that is safe and secure for school use.  it is a device neutral service that will allow you to not only send text messages to students and parents with notices and reminders, but will also allow you to create groups and send group-specific messages to certain classes of students.  Here are a few of the services' published features:

  • join by text in seconds

  • unlimited members

  • group messaging with moderation

  • multiple-choice polling

  • scheduled reminders

  • track feeds automatically

  • link networks together

  • phone numbers are kept private

  • works on any phone with text messaging (SMS), Android app, web and email

I think this service offers coaches a unique opportunity to message not only their athletes, but their parents as well.  Everyone in the "Cell" remains anonymous, especially phone numbers.  It's super easy for anyone to join the "Cell" and can be done from any device that can send/receive SMS text messages.  Take a look at the Celly Guide for Coaches and Teams.

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