May 31, 2013

Voice Comments in Google Drive (Docs Only)

voice commentsProviding feedback is an essential component in the learning process.  That is why many teachers love the ability to leave comments to their students directly in a shared Google Doc.  It provides real-time, instant feedback that the student can use to improve upon their current efforts.    For most, this feature is quite sufficient, but what if you could record your comments and insert them in a Google Doc?  With the Google Chrome Web App, Voice Comments, you can do just that!  Operable only in the Google Chrome browser and only in a Google Doc, at this time, this web app can be easily installed on your local computer to function anytime you are using a Google Doc.  Give it a may find that your students benefit more from the dialogue-style feedback rather than the traditional written comments.  Let us know how it goes by posting a comment to this entry after you have tried it with your students.

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