Apr 5, 2013


TodaysMeet is an extremely simple web-based backchannel service that allows a presenter to know what is going on in the room and how the audience is receiving the presentation.  It employs Twitter-like functionality without the hash tags and an account, while ensuring privacy/security by incorporating only those who are invited.  The best part is that you can use any web-connected device to join a "room."

Educational Applications:

  • A teacher might use this service as a means to obtain feedback from students to pinpoint the difficulty of a new topic or difficult skill during class.

  • You may also use it as a means to collect student’s questions during a presentation so as to not disrupt and then address them before the students leave.

  • This service could also be employed for use during a Socratic Circle activity as a means for one circle to post their thoughts while the other listens…the whole premise of TodaysMeet.

  • This service could also easily be used for informal formative assessment…gather quick feedback from student’s right before they leave the room and then utilize it to change your instruction for their next class.

Learn more and give it a try!

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