Mar 13, 2013

Web-based Lesson Planning Software



Back in January I was approached by another colleague who inquired about an online lesson plan software called PlanbookEdu.  At the time I had been looking into another similar web-based lesson planner called Common Curriculum.  At the time I wasn't completely impressed with Common Curriculum because I thought it lacked a few critical features that would make it truly beneficial to teachers and I expressed that to the software developers.  Within the past few months they have seemingly addressed most, if not all, of my concerns with enhancements to their software.

As I discussed different options with this colleague about using an online planning software and did more research, it became more difficult for me to make a solid recommendation due to the rising number of similar software.  In the end I decided to review five (I'm sure there are several others) of the most prevalent online lesson planning software and ultimately let you decide.  In my opinion, however, given recent enhancements and the fact that it is free, Common Curriculum is in the lead.

Currently the district has not adopted this concept although there was a pilot group that was looking into it.  There is also no real discussion of moving in this direction as a district either, so please don't feel as though this is something you have to take on right now.  This review is simply intended to help those teachers who are considering this move to make a more informed decision.

If this type of software is something that interests you, please take a look at my review of five web-based lesson planning software.  If you have any questions, feel free to enter them as comments to this post and, likewise, if you have used one of these planners already, we would appreciate your feedback as a comment to this post.

Review of Web-based Lesson Planning Software


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  1. Thank you. I found your article based on a google search for lesson plan software. Next year, I will begin teaching high school math, and want to have the ability to create lesson plans with a minimum amount of work and TIME, that I can then share with my administration and students (and their parents). Thanks for your table showing the features and prices of these five choices. Good information that will help me make a smart decision.