Mar 15, 2013

UPDATE - Common Curriculum Lesson Planner

I'd like to make you aware of an update to my last post on web-based lesson planning software.  Upon further inspection of the Common Curriculum software we found a couple of limitations that would make it very difficult to organize/navigate lessons outside of a single week.  The developers assure me they are currently working on them at this time.  Hopefully they will be addressed soon.  Here are my questions and their responses.

Question: How can I easily move sections from certain lessons to different weeks?

Answer: You can move forward/backward by one day at a time by hovering over the double arrow and clicking the single arrow that appears. This will let you drag a section from one week to another. However, it's not yet possible to drag a section to a lesson that's more than 5 days in the future/past. We're working on this!

Question: Also, is there a way to see the whole calendar year at once to quickly jump to a certain date?

Answer: Not yet, but we're working on it!

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