Mar 21, 2013

For All Rubrics

I am completely infatuated with this latest web-based software I discovered recently.  It's called ForAllRubrics and is completely free.  The service provides teachers a way to create, upload, or borrow (from a library of other users) assessment rubrics that they can then use to assess their students directly on any web-connected device, such as an iPad.  Users can easily click to select, for each stated objective or performance, the specific identifiable performance characteristics reflecting the student's mastery of performance and the rubric will automatically tabulate an overall score.  You can even insert comments to the students if you wish.

Once complete, the rubrics can be printed and given to the students or, if you have the ability to, can even be emailed to the students to save paper.  The service also allows the teacher several options with regard to viewing specialized reports of their student's performance.

Begin by creating classes and either manually adding students or importing them from a spreadsheet.  Next, create, upload or borrow a rubric from another user.  You can even tag your whole rubric or single stated objectives with Common Core State Standards.  You can now begin assessing your students!

I would highly recommend this software to anyone who would like to digitize and automate their rubrics and make their scoring of student work more efficient.

Learn more about ForAllRubrics

1-minute demo video

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