Feb 14, 2013


ThingLink is a unique web-based software that allows the user to tag an image with hyperlinks, video, text, music, and sound. The tag points that you add to the image are fully interactive. You can then share the image on your favorite social networking service or via email; you can even embed it on your very own blog or website. It takes only a few minutes to sign-up for a free account, upload an image, and tag it with some of the aforementioned elements. This would be perfect for teachers to create a point of entry in which students can explore a new topic or respond to an essential question demonstrating a broad understanding. Students might use the service as a way to display sources they have gathered for others to learn from or respond to as a class activity. It'll put your students in the driver seat and make them accountable for gathering the content resources. Give it a try...it’s fun!

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