Feb 4, 2013

Limited Digital Devices

For classrooms which may experience a digital device limitation, an alternative may be to connect your single device to your SMARTBoard or to an LCD projector.  Whether you use a VGA video adapter for an iPad (shown) or a video adapter for a laptop, tablet, or other device, you can actively engage your students in a lesson as a whole class or in small groups.  Getting the students to participate in your activity by manipulating the app or program on the device or directly on the SMARTBoard can be very enriching for them.  Here are a few ideas of what you can do with just a single device.


  1. Show a photo and have the kids write a sentence or paragraph about it.

  2. FaceTime with another classroom in your building or another state.

  3. Play a trivia game with the entire class.

  4. Practice test questions for upcoming exams.

  5. Build math skills with interactive math games.

  6. Use the NASA, National Geographic, and various zoo apps for classroom lessons.

  7. Share student presentations created from another source.

  8. Use the Earth and Moon app for classroom lessons.

  9. Take a virtual field trip.

  10. Use the camera...take different pictures and create a writing assignment using the pictures.


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