Nov 1, 2012

Digital Storytelling: Pixorial

One of the latest means of assessing student content knowledge is through "digital" storytelling.  The actual premise has been around forever, now we have just have a means to accomplish it in a seamless integrated manner with the aid of technology: a web-based video editing software called Pixorial.

Storytelling can be an extremely engaging way to capture an audience on a specific topic.  It can even be a richer experience for those telling the story.  Used in classrooms, digital storytelling might be another option for your students communicate/demonstrate their learning and allows them to share it with others.

The Pixorial software, which "Google selected as one of the top video solutions available for the launch of Google Drive because of their unique, easy-to-use storytelling platform,"¹ allows you to connect and sign-in with your pre-existing Google Apps account.  You can then upload videos from a camcorder, local/network drive, Google Drive account, or a webcam and easily edit video, create movies, and share the files.

I have found the software to be easy to use and integrates well with Google Drive.  Movies can be saved and downloaded, shared via email or web link, or even uploaded to most social media sites including Facebook, Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.  You can even send a video card with your movie embedded in the e-card.  It also allows you to create a DVD that can be sent to you or someone else for a small fee.

Although you can only currently insert a YouTube video into a Google Presentation, you can save a movie to your Google Drive and then easily embed that video into a Google Site.  That seems as though it would be the best way for a student or teacher display their talents.  Hopefully they will expand that ability to Google Presentations soon.

Check it out may find this to be an easy way for your students to become more engaged and a fun way for them to demonstrate what they have learned.


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