Oct 12, 2012

Teacher Showcase - Flipped Classroom

This past week Mr. Lopez stepped outside the box with regard to traditional teaching methods and introduced the flipped classroom concept to his students.  He shared a simple Google Doc with his students outlining the tasks to be completed at home. (States of Matter Web Assignment) He utilized a couple of Khan Academy videos to provide the at-home lecture and then gave students the time in class the next day to complete additional problems.  Unlike the traditional method, this format gave students the ability to get the help from the teacher and/or their peers while working on the actual problems.  Mr. Lopez also utilized this as an opportunity to assess each student with regard to the Self-Directed Learner performance standard and documented it in PowerSchool.  As I posted in an earlier blog, I think this is exactly the way to approach the flipped classroom concept.  Use a video clip or some other presentation to teach the concept, hold the students accountable by having them complete a task, and then reinforce/provide support/discuss in the classroom the next day.  Good job, good job, Mr. Lopez!