Sep 13, 2012

Veterans Day - What can we do to remember/honor those that served?

  1. Interview Slide Show or Video Documentary

    1. Contact the local VFW and ask if there are any veterans interested in being interviewed by students.

    2. Have a group of studentsconduct interviews about when, where, and why the veterans served as well as how it impacted their lives at the time.

    3. The students can then collaborate with each other to create one slide show incorporating the information they gathered as well as pictures and maps played along with a soundtrack.

    4. The veterans could be invited to watch the final product and it could be uploaded to our school website for all to see.

    5. This same idea could be taken to the next level, if the students are savvy enough, and turn this into a video documentary with live video/audio clips from the interviews.

  2. Skype Interview

    1. A group of students could possibly setup a Skype interview with a current member of the armed forces and ask them some of the same questions as the previous recommendation.

  3. Interactive Web Page

    1. A group of students could make a web page with an interactive/informative map of current Cheshire residents serving in the armed forces.

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