Sep 19, 2012

Receiving Documents from Students in Google Drive

While teaching my Intro. to Google Drive workshop today I had a major revelation with regard to a feature that will make it much easier for teachers to receive/organize documents from their students.  I'm going to try my best to explain it here in writing, but if you want any clarification, please stop by and see me.  Please also remember that this is one way to make things easier for is certainly not the only way.

In your Google Drive account:

  1. Create a folder for each of your classes that you would require students to share work.

  2. Give each folder a class name*.

In your student's Google Drive account: (very order-specific)

  1. Have your students log in to their account and create a class folder.

  2. Have your students name that folder with their last name and their class name* (i.e. Conway-1A/5B).

  3. Have your students share that folder with you.

    1. Make sure they use your full email address "username"

    2. Make sure they give you "Can edit" access rights.

    3. Make sure they deselect "Notify people via email."

    4. Remind them to click "Share and Save" and then "Done."

  4. Have your students create four folders within that class folder...Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 (modify as necessary).

  5. CRITICAL - Instruct your students to ONLY share documents with you by dragging and dropping the file into the corresponding quarter folder within the class folder that they shared with you.

Student Instruction Sheet (click to view/print)

In your Google Drive account (again):

  1. Navigate to "Shared with me" and display all of the student folders that were shared with you.

  2. Move all of the student's shared folders into their corresponding class folders that you created.

You will no longer need to search for the students' documents when they come in...they will always be in the corresponding quarter folder of the student's shared folder.

* - Should be the same.

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