Sep 10, 2012

Google Drive App - Major Update 9/10/2012

For those of you who have an iPad and use Google Drive a major breakthrough came today in the form of an App update. This truly is a major enhancement for working with Google Drive on the iPad...check out the changes.

Included in version 1.1.0 of the Google Drive iOS app is the ability to create, collaborate and edit with Google documents. You will also now be able to create and organize new folders and documents, upload photos and videos from your device, and delete files from your Drive. Google said the updated app also includes a “Richer Google presentations with animations and speaker notes.”

Here are the particulars:
- Edit Google documents with formatting and collaboration
- Edits to your Google documents appear to collaborators in seconds
- Richer Google presentations with animations and speaker notes
- Create a new folder or Google document
- Upload photos and videos from your device or a photo directly from your camera
- Move an item to a folder in your Drive
- Delete and remove files from your Drive
- Drive is now available in over 30 languages

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